Saturday, October 29, 2011

Visit with family

One of my favorite things about living "in" Orlando is that we get lots of visitors because of our proximity to Disney (um, Meredith, I'm looking at you!!) My cousin, Shannon, her husband, Marc, and daughter, Eden, were in town this week for a vacation and Disney trip.  We got to spend a day with them at Magic Kingdom which was lots of fun, then they came and hung out with us on their last day in town.  It was SO nice seeing them, we've gotten to visit a little more than usual this year and thats been really nice!

Shannon, Nolan, Ryan and Eden on the teacups

I really thought I was going to regret this purchase since he was wearing a WHITE shirt.  He got none of it on his shirt at all.  Probably had something to do with the fact that he ate it in about 7 seconds.

SO tired!

About 10 minutes after Parker fell asleep, Nolan followed

Who gives their kid a huge lollipop like this at 9:30 PM?

So late . . .

Nolan, Gaga/Auntie Jane, Parker and Eden playing

She is such a cutie!

Parker was really just interested in the mulch

She ran up the slide and down the stairs.  Nolan was like "what?????"

It was hot and the kids were thirsty.  Sadly for Shannon, Marc and Eden after a day in the hot sun their flight was delayed due to snow in Boston.


This was not initiated by the adults, they did it on their own!


Ok, this WAS initiated by the adults, but still so freakin' cute.  Eden and Nolan played SO good together.  She was really tolerant of his 3 year old boy ways.  Before they left Eden asked me if she could have a play date with Nolan soon and the next day Nolan kept saying "Eden is my friend." It was such a nice visit and we can't wait to see them again! 

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  1. I hope we get to be one of those visitors soon!!!!!! :)